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03-19-2021:Declutter Your Digital Life

Judy Taylor’s presentation was chock full of tips.  Here is the YouTube recording–

Here is the invaluable powerpoint which you’ll probably want to keep as a valuable reference–

Here are some of the things she covered:

  • Importance of restarting your computer once a week to clear memory
  • Why and how to create a ‘restore point’
  • How to uninstall programs you don’t use to open space
  • How to clear your “download folder,’ since everything stays there till you do
  • Why you should do Win updates and how and when to do it so you don’t miss the important stuff, but control when your computer restarts
  • Programs to use to easily update your software (FileHippo, Ninite, and Patch My PC)
  • How to cleanup your disk using different programs
  • How to optimize your startup and disable programs from opening on Startup and slowing down your computer
  • How to easily organize your folders for easy searching (this one made a HUGE difference for me)
  • How to organize your desktop to increase speed and optimize use
  • How to clean up your emails
  • How to clean up your browser
  • How to physically clean your screens, keyboard, phone

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