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Welcome To The
Deerfield Beach Computer Club

We meet from 10:00-11:30 every Friday except holidays in the Le Club Activity Center, Room B, inside the gated community of Century Village East (CVE) in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Non-residents must enter through the West Gate at Powerline Road and West Drive and must have their names on the Security Guard’s weekly approved list.

The final class of the season will meet on April 12. 
The classroom door opens to the public at 9:30.To minimize disruptions after class begins, please plan to arrive in the building and classroom area no earlier than 9:30 and no later than 10:00. Please bring your own refreshments. Thanks for your cooperation.
Members will be admitted free to every class.  Guests may attend one class for free. The next class they attend they must become Club members.

On March 22, Barry will present “Networking Basics”.

On March 29, Barry will present “Pot Luck”, a mix of tips, tricks, websites, and more.

To avoid being placed in delinquent status and lose access to classes, workshops, and other Club events, members should pay their renewal dues no later than the last Friday of their renewal month. Until those dues are paid, they may not be admitted to class. Please respond promptly to Pete’s email dues reminders or see him in class to verify your membership status. Please pay by cash or check. Thanks for your cooperation.
Click on the Gallery button to view a slideshow of recent and past Club photos. Click on the Calendar button to view our current schedule of classes with class descriptions. Please keep this site up and running by visiting it often.Thanks for your continued and loyal support.
CVE Residents: Please pick up copies of our flyer in the Staff Office and share it with your fellow residents. Check out our monthly blurb in the CVE Reporter.