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Welcome To The
Deerfield Beach Computer Club

The DBCC will open for the new season at 10 AM on Friday October 5 in the Le Club Activity Center Room B in Century Village East.  The classroom door will open to the public at 9:30. Non-residents must enter through the West Gate at Powerline Road and West Drive and have their names on the weekly approved list. 
BREAKING NEWS: Effective October 5, members will not pay a $1.00 class entry fee to attend any class. Guests may attend one class for free. The next class they attend they must become Club members. No refreshments will be served. The $1.00 per member Workshop entry fee will remain in effect throughout the new season. 
If you click on the Contact button on any page, fill out the form and click on the Send button at the bottom, I will reply to you as soon as possible.
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