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1/31/2020 Assistive Tech

Dr. Don Grossman updated us on how he uses tech to make daily living easier in his condo, as well as demonstrating lots of new tech for sight, hearing and movement limitations. His presentation is available on our YouTube channel here– Entry security–works with keypad, key and then shows on phone and alerts him Motion, sound sensors Alexa Turns on lights thru house Vispero (main company offering products) Braille strips with enlarger, voice output Jaws–will read everything on screen Magnifier that blows up book text Tablet that will blow up objects in environment Kurzweil reader–will read whole book Other products: Orcam my eye 2–hooks on side of glasses and will read pages, has facial rec, can read bar codes and […]

1/24/2020 Gadgets, Gizmos and CES

Here are some of the things we got to hear more about from our members: Roku express–streaming stick Solar charger– Mini charger– Tile–see info on how it works, what you can find, using stickers also Blue tooth hearing aids– Google mini– Roku TV– google nest–  phone # for questions  (833) 983-5476 Cup charger Latency and packet loss, buffering 5g will be able to download movie in 2 mins Spod CES 2020 on YouTube–

1/17/2020–“Chromebooks For Everyone” Webinar with Ron Brown

Link to video presentation — Discussed: Has 3 levels of security–two separate chips and 3rd thru internet connection Need to think about whether have specialized needs for software which can’t run on Chromebooks All chromebooks have expiration dates on its hardware–shows under settings; typically for 5 yrs or so…so it’s a risk for refurbished models.  Will still work after that date, but then becomes vulnerable like Windows Main limitation on lifetime for Chromebooks–how long battery will last, since are no longer replaceable Chromeboxes are a good alternative as a desktop.  Have no batteries When buying, Screen is most impt consideration;  flip and tablet/touchscreens work well because using apps that require touch Impt to look at brightness–shown in nits (400 […]

1/10/2020 Bob Gostichia– Staying safe and secure

Reviewed all the benefits of AVASTs various products Link to Google doc with all the recommended program links-– Video of Today’s presentation— Recommended programs: Unchecky–makes sure you don’t miss boxes for bad stuff–free service for people who have had identity stolen–has your password been stolen Rollback Rx–creates snapshots as restore point (free does 7) is better than system restore.  Rollback rx just takes seconds Mcshield–protects against infections on usb drives Ccleaner–gets rid of garbage from internet; don’t use it to clean registry Unlocker–lets you bypass ‘program in use’ when need to delete Recuva–helps you recover things you deleted and can pick by category Avast has a password manager built in –FREE–helps recover lost or stolen […]

1/3/2020 Geeks On Tour Creating Videos

Their presentation link– Geeks on Tour website–where you’ll find all their free presentations Reviewed 3 ways of creating videos with pros and cons for each Google photos Microsoft photos Filmora When making a movie: Prepare all the pieces Edit photos (crop, brighten, etc.)) Select them and put them in a place–album in cloud or on computer Can make it with phone, pad or chrome book, but not computer Google Photos/Movies–very easy to use things Google Photos/movies can’t do Not longer than 5 mins No more 50 pictures No transitions Only one piece of music Can change music, order Video #499–adds music and makes video with music Microsoft photos–video #532 For things on computer or OneDrive Tell it to […]

12/20/2019 If you have Win 7

Here are the options that Eddie Goldberg discussed, as well as some other generally useful tips: If you want to upgrade your current computer or tablet to Win 10, Use  to see if your machine has enough power–need min score of 1500 to run barely Must have at least 4G of RAM available Need to update BIOS, drivers, video driver, sound driver Make sure to make a backup–Win 7 has a back up program Can use free program; can copy your computer contents on to multiple devices Consider installing a Solid State Drive (SSD)–Computers Direct will copy everything off your old drive and put it on the new drive, which will run incredibly faster Can use a ‘classic […]

12/13/2019 Free emedia from Broward Library

Here’s the link to the library site: Sign up for any of these, FREE, with your library card.  Each service requires a separate signin and account. RbDigital for almost any magazine Hoopla for eBooks, eAudiobooks, movies, television, music and comics .   You can now download up to 6 songs each week for free using Freegal  Rosetta Stone for languages Want to learn something? Try hundreds of classes thru Universal Class  

12/6/2019 Augmented Reality

Check on the video of Bob Ansett’s presentation on Augmented Reality (AR) where he presented the following: the differences between AR and virtual reality the various companies involved in creating AR equipment, their capabilities and prices Examples of various things that can be done with AR including things like contact lenses that can measure glucose levels and much more ability to measure rooms, try out furniture, paint colors, etc. and how to access those apps Google Translate which can translate conversations, realtime, in almost any language and can be used (via your cell phone camera) to translate any written text, whether on paper, street signs, etc. Watch the videos here: and

11/22/2019 Holiday Party and Buying Ideas

Here are a few of the good ideas we chatted about for your Holiday buying:                 And here are some links for two factor authentication… Google 2fa for more listing of various sites, by topic, and how they handle two factor authentication– Wikipedia article explaining it all–

11/15/19: Update on Voice Assistants

Bob Anstett, Coordinator of Digital Initiatives at the Creation Station in Fort Lauderdale gave a highly informative and entertaining presentation on how Voice Assistants work using some of the new Amazon and Google Products. The Class video is posted on our YouTube channel– We learned there’s much more than phones or Echos, Dots or Google Shows and found out about many other products and how to use them.  This year you can use them to turn on and off your Xmas tree lights (with voice activated outlets), operate your microwave, carry on conversations in another language and much more.  We found out how to stay safe, what’s being listened to and by whom, and how to erase our listening and […]


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