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10/09/2020 -Staying Safe and Secure

Bob G updated our info on Avast and gave us a bunch of other useful links. Link to Zoom session on YouTube: He covered the following: Android version to be using Ninite Main Phishing scams and sites Top scams and how to avoid, take action System rollback as superior program MCShield–checks boot sectors; use with antivirus CCleaner and how to use it best password managers new avast programs and features how to lock your computer Omni device for protecting house Tip– don’t do auto renew for avast… search for best price    

2/28/2020 Password Management Made Easy

Carol Freedman’s powerpoint and links from her presentation on Passwords. Powerpoint presentation– PW mgr  –for accessing your Chrome-saved passwords and checking their strength  Review articles: good article with lots of tips, criteria —lots of good tips and data Can add it as extension to chrome May have problems after Win updates and may need patch May have problems synching and also can be a little challenging with cell phones  

2/21/2020 VPNs

Barry presented information on: What VPNs do Why we need a VPN What a VPN can and can’t do Options of VPNs Article— Be sure to scroll down to the great article of how to pick a vpn Note that prices are always changing See the section on free vpns Slides from Barry’s presentation can be viewed using the link… VPN_ February 21, 2020

2/14/2020 Portable apps

Barry’s presentation on portable apps and flash drives. USB: Everything You Need To Know Flashdrives–important to use the cap to keep dust out. When connected to a USB port it will  USB 3.0/3.1/3.2 : (fastest)/Blue color on connector/SS (SuperSpeed) USB 2.0: High Speed USB Usb C–rectangular and used with Macs and other devices/reversible Usb 3 is faster than 2 Usb-B–square for a printer Uses: Load music (MP3 files)/can play in most cars when connected to usb drive Freegal–6 downloads/wk free from Broward County Library Back up files and data and more Load documents, photos, videos, and music   Showed storage on a usb drive as shown on chart below. Videos are the largest data hogs– most to be compressed to […]

2/7/2020 Cutting the cord

Here are Barry’s resources for cutting the cord, found in the Handouts section of the website: In addition, we discussed the following: Antenna– Mohu as a good brand PlutoTv as an excellent free source of programming which can be streamed as an app on any device or TV If using Avast,–go to general, then “personal privacy” and check just the first box Check that you have enough speed to run 4k or less programming for your streaming or

1/31/2020 Assistive Tech

Dr. Don Grossman updated us on how he uses tech to make daily living easier in his condo, as well as demonstrating lots of new tech for sight, hearing and movement limitations. His presentation is available on our YouTube channel here– Entry security–works with keypad, key and then shows on phone and alerts him Motion, sound sensors Alexa Turns on lights thru house Vispero (main company offering products) Braille strips with enlarger, voice output Jaws–will read everything on screen Magnifier that blows up book text Tablet that will blow up objects in environment Kurzweil reader–will read whole book Other products: Orcam my eye 2–hooks on side of glasses and will read pages, has facial rec, can read bar codes and […]

1/24/2020 Gadgets, Gizmos and CES

Here are some of the things we got to hear more about from our members: Roku express–streaming stick Solar charger– Mini charger– Tile–see info on how it works, what you can find, using stickers also Blue tooth hearing aids– Google mini– Roku TV– google nest–  phone # for questions  (833) 983-5476 Cup charger Latency and packet loss, buffering 5g will be able to download movie in 2 mins Spod CES 2020 on YouTube–

1/17/2020–“Chromebooks For Everyone” Webinar with Ron Brown

Link to video presentation — Discussed: Has 3 levels of security–two separate chips and 3rd thru internet connection Need to think about whether have specialized needs for software which can’t run on Chromebooks All chromebooks have expiration dates on its hardware–shows under settings; typically for 5 yrs or so…so it’s a risk for refurbished models.  Will still work after that date, but then becomes vulnerable like Windows Main limitation on lifetime for Chromebooks–how long battery will last, since are no longer replaceable Chromeboxes are a good alternative as a desktop.  Have no batteries When buying, Screen is most impt consideration;  flip and tablet/touchscreens work well because using apps that require touch Impt to look at brightness–shown in nits (400 […]

1/10/2020 Bob Gostichia– Staying safe and secure

Reviewed all the benefits of AVASTs various products Link to Google doc with all the recommended program links-– Video of Today’s presentation— Recommended programs: Unchecky–makes sure you don’t miss boxes for bad stuff–free service for people who have had identity stolen–has your password been stolen Rollback Rx–creates snapshots as restore point (free does 7) is better than system restore.  Rollback rx just takes seconds Mcshield–protects against infections on usb drives Ccleaner–gets rid of garbage from internet; don’t use it to clean registry Unlocker–lets you bypass ‘program in use’ when need to delete Recuva–helps you recover things you deleted and can pick by category Avast has a password manager built in –FREE–helps recover lost or stolen […]

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Assistive technology (AT) consists of products, equipment, and systems that enhance learning, working, and daily living for persons with disabilities. For example:

  • magnifiers
  • talking devices such as a talking thermostat
  • Braille displays
  • screen reading software
  • text-to-speech systems using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • large print materials
  • phones with large tactile buttons

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