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03-19-2021:Declutter Your Digital Life

Judy Taylor’s presentation was chock full of tips.  Here is the YouTube recording– Here is the invaluable powerpoint which you’ll probably want to keep as a valuable reference– Here are some of the things she covered: Importance of restarting your computer once a week to clear memory Why and how to create a ‘restore point’ How to uninstall programs you don’t use to open space How to clear your “download folder,’ since everything stays there till you do Why you should do Win updates and how and when to do it so you don’t miss the important stuff, but control when your computer restarts Programs to use to easily update your software (FileHippo, Ninite, and Patch My PC) […]

03-05-2021: This and That

Ron Brown’s presentation was loaded with info on how your wifi and equipment really work, plus lots of great tips like… Check to see if you are connecting via the 4 or 5a version of your wifi.  The 4a version goes further (into other rooms, etc.), but is slower, but the 5a version is faster for single room use. If you rent your modem and it’s over 5 yrs old, ask your carrier for a new one for better speed. If your modem/router is near your computer, connect directly with an ethernet cable for faster speed. Update your firmware on your modem/router for better performance. When possible, get your own modem/router from Bestbuy or other reputable store, since Amazon routers […]

02-19-2021: What’s New In Assistive Technology in 2021

Don Grossman was kind enough to rework his excellent  February 19, 2021 Zoom  presentation on ways of using your Iphone and Amazon devices to assist you.  The new presentation, with additional helpful commentary can be found on the link below. Here are the links to the individual videos from Don’s February 19, 2021 Zoom presentation for quick review. They are also posted on our Home page under Trending Now >Assistive Tech Spoken Content with Speak on Touch Screen Readers for the Android Phone Using Zoom magnifier Voice control (for dictating and editing text with iphone/ipad) Envision Glasses Adobe scan

01-08-2021-Trending Tech in 2021

Barry discussed the technology that was rumored to be introduced at the January 11-14 virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Due to the pandemic the live show from Las Vegas was cancelled. Click or tap on the link below to view the most innovative technologies from the CES.    

12-18-2020 Zoom Holiday Party

Our final meeting of 2020 included lots of sharing of our cool gadgets and gizmos, participation from various APCUG experts (Bob Gosticha, Ron Brown, Judy Taylour, Jere Minich, Bill James and John Kennedy). Here is the link to the video: Here are some of the things that were posted in the chat: From Ron Brown : Here are the dates and times for unlimited meetings: 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Dec. 30, to 6 a.m. ET on Saturday, Jan. 2  Zoom will have unlimited on-line for the free version From Ada G : I have a Jabra speaker and I do not know how to make it work. This is not a new gadget so if you do not […]

12/4/20 -Carol’s Tech Tips and Tricks

Carol Freedman presented many great tips to help you get the best out of your computer, iphone or chromebook.  Here are links to the pdf set of notes in the Handouts: Here’s some of the things she covered: Windows PC Move taskbar Bring up app from toolbar Copy from one window to another Select text, images using arrows Gaming panel for sound control and screen capture See all open windows and move thru them See Chrome or Gmail history 2.  I phone Make phone 20% louder  Show location Turn off push and fetch Turn off unnecessary notifications Turn off app refresh Turn off auto lock Turn on Magnifier Use space bar as cursor control/track ball 3. Chromebook Search […]

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Assistive Tech

Assistive technology (AT) consists of products, equipment, and systems that enhance learning, working, and daily living for persons with disabilities. For example:

  • magnifiers
  • talking devices such as a talking thermostat
  • Braille displays
  • screen reading software
  • text-to-speech systems using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • large print materials
  • phones with large tactile buttons

Amazon Alexa Accessibility Video

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