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1/31/2020 Assistive Tech

Dr. Don Grossman updated us on how he uses tech to make daily living easier in his condo, as well as demonstrating lots of new tech for sight, hearing and movement limitations.

His presentation is available on our YouTube channel here–

  • Entry security–works with keypad, key and then shows on phone and alerts him
  • Motion, sound sensors
  • Alexa
  • Turns on lights thru house

Vispero (main company offering products)

  • Braille strips with enlarger, voice output
  • Jaws–will read everything on screen
  • Magnifier that blows up book text
  • Tablet that will blow up objects in environment
  • Kurzweil reader–will read whole book

Other products:

  • Orcam my eye 2–hooks on side of glasses and will read pages, has facial rec, can read bar codes and labels of products
  • Honeywell smart thermostat–can program to turn on and off; has keen zoning system that plugs into vents, can add other sensors and turn into zones
  • Tcp wifi smart motion sensors–light, humidity, temp, can be managed with if/then

Irobot makes Labrador–will create path on walker

For tv–can link with alexa and do sing along

  • Can display personal computer

His Security handles the following

  • Monitor doors and window opening/losing
  • smoke/carbib dioxide
  • Camera
  • Unauthorized motion
  • Watch–has put on site lots of the apps it uses and things it does
  • Battery backups
    • Norton core–his router; everything goes thru it and has all the latest antivirus for everything
    • 4T backup and cloud
    • Hubs
      • Smart home
      • Smart things
      • Blink hub (cameras)
      • Bluetooth hearing aids
  • Phone can now read text –cancels out crowd noises

Voice recognition–dragon dictate is now the main system; indiv user is under $100; can open docs with Alexa

Digital recorders will convert to text by linking dragon

His siemen hearing aids come with software that cancels out noise or focus hearing 

Kurzweil 3000; read write gold; –for natural sounding voice 


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