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1/3/2020 Geeks On Tour Creating Videos

Their presentation link–

Geeks on Tour website–where you’ll find all their free presentations

Reviewed 3 ways of creating videos with pros and cons for each

  • Google photos
  • Microsoft photos
  • Filmora

When making a movie:

  • Prepare all the pieces
    • Edit photos (crop, brighten, etc.))
    • Select them and put them in a place–album in cloud or on computer

Can make it with phone, pad or chrome book, but not computer

Google Photos/Movies–very easy to use

things Google Photos/movies can’t do

  • Not longer than 5 mins
  • No more 50 pictures
  • No transitions
  • Only one piece of music

Can change music, order

Video #499–adds music and makes video with music

Microsoft photos–video #532

  • For things on computer or OneDrive
  • Tell it to create auto video
  • Can add titles
  • Can select size–can always go up in size; small for emails; large for projecting
  • Microsoft video can be uploaded to google photos

Filmora 9 by Wondershare

  • Free version watermarked
  • Works on windows or mac offline
  • Button show #167
  • Can add titles, credits
  • Can make up to 1 hr
  • Can pan and zoom
  • Can add transitions–audio, split screens, titles, etc
  • Can add tracks of stuff or music
  • Can save project and continue
  • Can add narration over it and have separate audio tracks
  • Will end up as mp4
  • Can add you tube free audio
  • Can upload them to 

Have tutorial on how to upload mp4 to youtube

#108 –how to chromecast to tv–news aggregator

Picasa–Geeks on Tour membership will get you operating system



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