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07-23-2021: Barry Cowen-Potpourri

In his Potpourri I class, Barry presented a brief tour of our new Club site. Using his iPhone 11, Barry presented the following tips and tricks with a live demo. 

  • Reviewed key points of our website: blog with all presentations and notes, calendar, key links,  handouts, Breaking news,  Trending News, 
  • Sections of iphone–
    • About for your phone model, software, other info for giving to repair people, contents of phone, EID #, Carrier and sim cards
    • Iphone storage–app size, documents and data, offloading an app to free up space and then reload later
    • Battery health–graphs of usage, how much to charge and when, what you’ve used and where
    • Display and brightness–light or dark options
    • Swiping–left, right-app library, down (control center)
    • App library–Apple groups them for easy access, options when hold finger on them; can search in it
    • Widgets–how to add, move and customize them; smartstack; examples (clock, weather, news, stocks, etc.)
    • Accessibility–accessibility button ‘touch’ for going to different screens, do all kinds of other actions 
    • how to put Club site on Home Screen
    • Apple maps–can do flyover, city tour
    • Notes–can add notes, add photo or picture, scan , send
    • important info to save elsewhere in case of loss, damage
    • How and when to do updates

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