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from 10/18/2019

Snapseed— Free photo editing software that can be used on ios or android phones and tablets, but not computers. Originally developed by Google but also available thru Apple.

ways to edit photos and pictures on Apple devices



Gimp as an alternative to Photoshop. This link discusses various alternatives.

Joby Tripod–$15

Amazon link


Ideas and questions

  • How to use Alexa to add items to phone shopping lists
  • How to erase Alexa history–more to come

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11/15/19: Update on Voice Assistants

Bob Anstett, Coordinator of Digital Initiatives at the Creation Station in Fort Lauderdale gave a highly informative and entertaining presentation on how Voice Assistants work using some of the new Am…

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“Assistive Technology” was initially developed to level the playing field, in the working and academic world, for people with disabilities.
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