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10/23/2020 John Kennedy Intro to Linux

You may have been like me, thinking that you weren’t interested in Linux… but you’d probably have been wrong.  This was way more interesting and useful than expected.  I suggest giving it a watch.

Here’s John’s powerpoint:

John covered the following:

  • How Linux started
  • Who uses it? (Google, amazon, McDs, Travelocity, UPS, airlines, movie industry, Android phones, courts, gaming systems, etc)
  • Why you don’t hear about it (because Office became the dominant software in all settings and MS paid computer manufacturers to include it)
    • Lenovo now installing
  • Why it’s now getting used— because of its security  
  • The difference that open source code makes (the ability to make useful adaptations, the likelihood of any viruses get caught by code watching geeks) 
  • Linux allows for choices of features of OS (like with cars)–3 main versions and subtypes
  • Linux is requesting MS to release code for Win7 so others can use and support it
  • Linux makes versions of all kinds of major software (accessories, games, audio/video, productivity, file mgt, etc.) with examples
  • Linux has various versions of desktops–with examples
  • Linux runs with very little, low resources
  • Did a walkthrough of how he uses his Linux in live presentation–Linux FX
  • He uses Chromium rather than Chrome
  •–shows screenshots, has downloads, etc.
  • APCUG is doing workshop on how to choose best version of Linux for you
  • To download–can do it onto a stick (it uses very little storage)  or disk or can download alongside (and Linux will read all Windows files)
  • WINE will run Win10 programs
  • Linux Lite is great for older computers

Also, you might want to register for one or more of the upcoming workshops on Linux after watching this presentation.

Linux Workshop #1, October 28th

“A General Introduction”

9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET 

Have you wondered just what this Linux thing is you’re hearing about? Have you wondered what the primary benefits are and the reasons for using Linux? Have you wondered why there are so many different versions of the operating system (with the response by John Kennedy as to why tare here so many different versions of cars)? Then join Orv Beach, long-time Linux guru from the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE), Sharan Kalwani, President,  SouthEastern Michigan Organization, and your Host APCUG Regional Advisor John Kennedy for all the answers and more.

Linux Workshop #2, November 18th

“Getting and Installing Linux”

At today’s workshop, John Kennedy will share with you the best places to get a copy of Linux on the web (and remember it’s FREE). Then Orv Beach will show you how quick and easy it is to install Linux compared to Windows. He’ll also share how you can test-drive Linux without even having to make any changes to your current hard drive. And he’ll talk about how you can run Linux alongside your current operating system.

Linux Workshop #3, December 2nd

“Distros and Desktops”

So, you now know how easy it is to install Linux and you learned some of the different options you have running it, and you know that there are many different versions of Linux called “distros.” Join Sharan Kilwani as he guides you through the process of determining which distro might be best for you. Once you have that choice made, then you have the many options for a Desktop Environment (DE) for that distro. Join Orv and John (and maybe a few additional presenters) as they demonstrate their favorite DE and why they like it. Once you’ve attended this workshop you’ll be ready to select the version of Linux and the Desktop Environment best for you and give Linux a try.

Linux Workshop #4, December 16th

“Software, Applications and Package Management”

Each Linux distro comes fully loaded with the software/packages you need for your daily work. But as you may have heard, Linux has many options for each type of software you might use. This workshop will focus on all things software. John will share what’s the best software for Windows users to make the transition to Linux easy (with NO learning curve). Then Orv and Sharan will make presentations on installing additional software packages and keeping them updated, along with managing these applications.  We’ll finish up by sharing many alternative applications in the Linux world for programs people have been using in the Windows/Mac world

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