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1/17/2020–“Chromebooks For Everyone” Webinar with Ron Brown

Link to video presentation —


  • Has 3 levels of security–two separate chips and 3rd thru internet connection
  • Need to think about whether have specialized needs for software which can’t run on Chromebooks
  • All chromebooks have expiration dates on its hardware–shows under settings; typically for 5 yrs or so…so it’s a risk for refurbished models.  Will still work after that date, but then becomes vulnerable like Windows
  • Main limitation on lifetime for Chromebooks–how long battery will last, since are no longer replaceable
  • Chromeboxes are a good alternative as a desktop.  Have no batteries
  • When buying,
    • Screen is most impt consideration;  flip and tablet/touchscreens work well because using apps that require touch
    • Impt to look at brightness–shown in nits (400 better than 200)
    • Look at screen resolution–may need better than imagined
  •  How to secure your new computer 
  • Need a google acct to use
  • May have ARM chip or intel
  • After 2017–could now downlaod playsstore apps like on smartphone (so a problem with old machines)–won’t support chromestore after 2020
  • Can now do anything on a chromebook that can do on PC
  • Have an SD slot–so can add up to 1 T
  • Can set it back to original and powerwash and login to access software in orig form
  • Chromebooks have linux pre-installed
  • Printing–buy hp cuz have software to connect directly to chromebooks
  • 4 ways to connect —Ports
    1. Hdmi
    2. Usb (a, b or c)
  • Can run windows on a chromebook with Crossover
  • How to run office365 for free on a chromebook–see his video on You Tube
  • Can’t run quicken on the internet


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